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My name is Becky Thomas. I am married and have two children. Born and raised here in Louisville, KY. I have worked in the medical/insurance industry for over 20 years and specialize in Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, and Part D Rx plans. As a licensed and experienced agent, I will provide you with all of the information vital to choosing your new plan. Being an independent agent, I can shop all the carriers and help you choose the best plan for your needs and budget.


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Becky Thomas
VP Operations/Medicare Specialist
Office: (502) 813-2111
Fax: (502)-245-7234
Email: Becky@PreferredInsGroup.Com

"I had numerous problems with my provider that had nothing to do with Becky, however she was a committed trouble shooter and professional under the stress of the seemingly "endless" problem solving. She was efficient, courteous and understanding of how important health insurance coverage was to both me and my children. I am grateful for her help and feel fortunate to have her in my camp!"
-Barbara Carter, Louisville, KY

"Becky Thomas was very helpful in finding me health insurance. She did all of the leg work even went as far as checking with my doctors to see if they took the plan I wanted. Insurance is very confusing and it helps to have someone who can talk to you in a language that you understand, plus she is local and very easy to reach. I have referred many friends and they all are happy."
-Pat Tucker, Louisville, KY

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