In today’s competitive marketplace it’s hard for many agents and advisors to offer every product their clients may need, thus Agent Solutions was born. 

Our goal is to assist you, the agent/advisor in areas that you either don’t work in or don’t want to work in.  We offer a share of the revenue, new and renewal on products which you hold licenses, or a gift card if you are unable to receive commissions.   

We help clients obtain expert advice ONLY in the areas which you give us permission to discuss. We are an additional resource for you to lean on to prevent the client from seeking advice somewhere else.  

We understand the importance of referrals and are continuing to add to our arsenal of strategic partners with similar goals in mind. 


We are an independent, insurance agency located in Louisville, Kentucky. Our passion and expertise is helping individuals, families and groups obtain affordable insurance coverage. At Preferred Insurance Group, we believe that each of your clients should have access to the major competitors in the marketplace. Our licensed agents help narrow down options to one that fits their specific needs.

With 25+ years in the insurance industry, Owner/President, Mark Kleiner, has instilled his work ethic, experience, knowledge, and drive to each of his insurance agents so that every client receives the service and attention they deserve.

Preferred Insurance Group

Expand your portfolio at no extra cost!

Who are we?

“Medicare how it works”
A 1-hour lunch and learn generally held in your office where you have the opportunity to invite clients to an informative seminar and allow them to bring a friend.  This gives you an opportunity to get in front of a prospective client for your services as well!  We pay the cost of the lunch for the opportunity!  

“Obamacare…how does it really affect me?”
A 1-hour lunch and learn, on us, generally held in your office where again you invite clients and allow them to bring a friend. We cover what the ACA requirements are for individuals and businesses along with education on products and services provided by carriers.



Agent Solutions

“As a business owner and broker focusing primarily on voluntary products, I am constantly running into situations where people are in need of individual major medical or Medicare products.  For years I knew there was an opportunity to make additional revenue but didn’t want to divert time away from my core business.  Fortunately, I met Mark Kleiner and for the last 5 ½ years have been able to have a knowledgeable source to refer my clients.  Mark’s team is very responsive to my referrals and the feedback has been excellent.  Another great part about working with Agent Solutions is I get paid and they do all the work!
JP Barta --- Insurance Consultant

“One of my main goals as an advisor is to provide value to clients in a comprehensive way.  One of the ways I have sought to achieve this, is by referring my clients to Mark Kleiner and his team for assistance with their health insurance needs.  The feedback I receive is very positive and has resulted in a more secure client relationship.  Mark’s Agent solution seminars break down Medicare and provide extensive knowledge to clients, allowing them to be well informed and prepared for the future.”

Jim Szeszulski – CFS, President Guidance Capital Management Group.

“Being a new agent in the business, with more of a focus on life insurance and annuity products, it has been great to be able to lean on Preferred Insurance Group. Mark’s team is very responsive and eager to help. They take care of everything from start to finish for my clients. The best part is, they do all the work and I still get paid! I’m confident in their ability to do what is best for my clients. It has been a great partnership for me and I look forward to continued success with the Agent Solutions team.”
Jason Hawkins--- Insurance and Investment

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